Friday, February 17, 2012

Cane Expressions Review

I received the cane cover from Cane Expressions to review. I got this cause my mom has been needing a cane for a long time now she uses it everyday ever since she had a knee replacement about 5 years ago. The only thing she has always hated is the cane is just silver and plain where we loved the idea from this company was you could make it more stylish and fit anyone's personality. My mom loves flowers and stuff so we chose the one we got due to that. We got it pretty fast and it was so easy to put on the cane no hard work involved just slide it over and walla you have a expressed out decked out cane. My mom says people ask her about it all the time now and say they love how pretty her cane looks now. I say if you have to use a cane why not be able to have it in style or a way for you to reflect your personality into it. With this company thinking exactly that now anyone can be a little different, I say why be normal if you can stand out and be different. As far as its so easy to put on then its easy to replace or get several of these and change out to match outfits and so on. It is very easy to clean as well my mom just throws it in the washer and it gets it nice and clean. My mom is so thankful as I am to have found Cane Expressions and get to try something that just seems so cool and worth every dime.

You can buy them at the following places

Here are some of their Styles

I received the the cane cover shown above and no other form of payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by others.

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