Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Was An Emotional Rollcoaster Yesterday

Yesterday was a day for me I was so emotional. Now before anyone thinks this I wasn’t really emotional about turning 30 because believe it or not I was ready for this and am happy with what I have accomplished in my life so far. Now granted years ago I imagined my 30th birthday with a little more thrill to it like I don’t know taking off out of state or country for a vacation but I guess it beats best time and time again spending every birthday with my mom and my husband. I want to fill everyone in on the fact that I fell in love with my husband again yesterday and its an emotional thing in these 11 years I couldn’t tell you how many times I have fell in love with him and what he means to me. He showed me why I loved him yesterday more than ever. I got up in the afternoon first thing I asked was anyone call and he said no within moments of bein awake today I just started getting snappy. All this mainly because I’m not sayin I’m ungrateful for the people who wished me a happy birthday online that means a lot but the people that mattered most didn’t even pick the phone up to call me. That hurt more than anything a few of my family members and a few of my greatest friends practically didn’t find my birthday important enough. Out of 4 people in general 2 of them thought online was the best way to wish me a happy birthday and the other 2 people didn’t even wish me anything.

I ended up in tears today for not getting but one phone call and that was the other day my long time child hood friend called sadly enough it didn’t count as well as I would have liked. She called me a day early to make sure I knew how she felt and she left a message on my moms cell phone my mom deleted it without even thinking so I never actually got to hear it, but I called her back just the same and thanked her. Then Joe god I love him to death he said I can go get the cell phone and call you on the house phone and tell you happy birthday and how much you mean to me. He made me smile for the first time yesterday with that comment although I decided the thought was better than doin it, it still did mean a lot. Then another thing that was bothering me yesterday was the fact I had no cake I mean don’t get me wrong normally it don’t bother me but come on usually I also got phone calls on my birthday and to me turning 30 was still a big deal. Joe mentioned yesterday to ma and gave her some money told her to get me a cake today when she goes to the store kind of like a hold me over kinda birthday cake so it would cheer me up until I got the actual one I wanted. This touched my heart more than he will ever know that he truly loves me that much. Then when ma got home from the neighbors this evening she came in and fixed us supper which was nice as well when it comes down to it you really learn who cares the most when the ones you thought did are no where around. Thank you to everyone online who wished me a happy birthday it still means a lot and this is not pointed to you in any means unless you know your one of these very important 4 people in my life, and then don’t worry about it cause you just showed me how special I was to you so your probably not gonna stay on my special list much longer either.

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Denise G said...

(((hugz))) you are right you are so lucky to have an awesome husband! Your mom sounds like a keeper too :)

Danyale N. said...

that he is :)