Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cell Phones Rule The World Now Days

Now days have you noticed everything has changed so much I know it has alot since I was a little kid. Like now days cell phones have become this big new thing out their everyone has to own one. Although at this time I just have a cheap tracfone I used to be caught up in the world of wireless cell phones and I loved it. I had the hottest flip cell phone before smart phones became a big buzz. I even had some cool cell phone covers for my phone and my husbands. I had made alot of ringtones for my phone and it would shuffle between each person who called I absolutely loved it. Now cell phones have became the biggest buzz and very few people even have house phones anymore or the ones that do are never home long enough to use them.

I used to buy my cell phone covers from all over the place online in flea markets and even off the local Cingular store which closed down when AT&T took it over. I think it has become such a popular thing anyone who is anybody has to have a cool cell phone now days. My only issue besides money at the moment is finding the carrier I want to stay with again that works in my area in the country. I know as soon as I find the company I want I will have to go cell phone hunting for the phone that is just me and include by getting as many cheap cell phone faceplates as I can get. Then the music ringtone downloads will begin and I will be caught all back up in the world of technology again like before. I have always been a technology nerd I guess you could say so it only seems right to own one.

I was compensated for this post but it is 100% my opinion and was not effected by the pay. Not everyone will agree with my opinion.

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