Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wonders Never Cease By Tim Downs Review

I’ve never read anything by this author before, but I look forward to reading the other books he has written. In some places in the book things were kind of slow, it took me a while to get into it. I thought Bobby Foscoe or Kemp whoever he called himself was a number one ASS. Why Natalie put up with him is beyond me. All he cared about was himself and money. I never did understand why he was kicked out of his residency at John Hopkins , but what he pulled in this story he should been drawn and quartered. To take that kind of a chance with someone’s memory and life was just so wrong. He was lucky that Olivia came out ok. Mrs. Hayden was a piece of work too, but I guess there are a lot of Stars are that way. After getting their ways for so long they naturally think that’s the way it suppose to be. I was so glad when she turned things around on Kemp. He thought they were so alike and the idea of planting that idea in her head . Really that was low, that he was the right and only man for her. I was priceless how she put him down and kicked him out.I myself was more interested in Natalie’s daughter Leah and what was going on with her. Did she or didn’t she see angels? Ok they found the tumor in her brain, but even after that she say something no one else saw. It wasn’t the meds she had been given either that caused it. Until that point it never crossed my mind that Emmet, might be more than what he seemed , a janitor. When I pictured Emmet in my mind I saw Morgan Freedman in that part. He would have fit that part perfectly. All in all I enjoyed the book and am anxious to reed the next one by this author.

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