Saturday, April 10, 2010

The New Freddy Krueger Movie.....Have You Noticed??

Ok for the first time tonight I saw the trailer on tv of the upcoming Freddy Krueger movie and I was like awesome I'm a major Freddy Krueger fan and Robert Englund fan. Well as soon as he spoke I knew it won't Robert Englund so I looked up online about who was playin him and it says some guy named Jackie Earle Haley I mean WTF. Freddy with no Robert Englund is just mad he is and always be the only one. I looked it up and from the first time Robert Englund started bein freddy was back in 1984 so he had been known as the only Freddy for 26 years. Then this new guy is like 5'5 and Robert Englund is like 5'9-5'10 so now we're gonna have a little shrimp for Freddy wow thats gonna suck. I really think Wes Craven must've hit his head this could really be the death of his career with this turn about and when I was searchin alot of people are mad as hell about this. So is there any fans out there of Wes Craven? Fans of Robert England? Fans of Freddy Krueger?? If so will you be going to watch this movie in the theaters or on dvd? I won't be I refuse!!

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