Friday, April 16, 2010

Cheap Cookie Cutters Review

I recieved this cute little mini Mickey Mouse cookie cutters from Cheap Cookie Cutters and I could wait to try it out. Sadly I had to go grocery shoppin first well after I got that done we decided to do chocolate chip cookies again we had never made cookies before that night so it was all new to us. So here we are 3 people me, my mom, and hubby all in the kitchen tryin to make cookies. These little mini Mickey Mouse cookie cutters are very durable and strong even though at first glance may not seem to be. It was very easy use I just rolled out the cookie dough and started making cute mickey mouse shaped cookies. Popped them in the pan and cooked, and again the problem is don't use chocolate chip with cookie cutters because the morsels melted and you couldn't tell as much of what they were and my batteries died when I realized I had forgot to take a before picture because I figured they'd look the same coming out, sorry bout that. Just know it looked just like the mouse shaped cutter. These are cheap cookie cutters in price, but not cheaply made. You can even buy black food coloring to use with your cookie cutters.

I received 1 mini mickey mouse cookie cutter from Cheap Cookie Cutters and no other form of payment for this review. This is 100% my opinion and no others.

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