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8 Things to Consider when Buying a Mattress

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8 Things to Consider when Buying a Mattress

In order to get the best deal in buying a mattress, here are a number of things that you should consider: warranty, price, size, coil, firmness, side support, ticking, and brand.

Selecting the right mattress needs some careful attention. If you want to have the best in terms of quality and price, then scrutinize before making the purchase. Below are important things that you should consider:


When you buy a mattress, make sure it has a ten year warranty. Also, ask regarding proration. It means the percentage, basing from the original cost of the mattress, that the manufacturer should pay you for any defects that may have occurred. It is important to note that a warranty claim will not be honored should the mattress be found with stains on it. It is advisable to buy a cover that is waterproof to protect it from any stain.


Prices of mattresses are definitely negotiable. Although, not all. But, most of the leading brands are willing to negotiate with their price. It is just a matter of learning how to use your bargaining skill with a salesman. And, if a discount isn’t possible, then maybe you can ask for free pillows or sheets perhaps, that can go along with the purchase of the mattress.


Consider the user’s height in picking a mattress. If you are about 6 feet tall, then choose a king size bed. If you and your partner are under 6 feet tall, a queen size bed will do.


Coil count is a very essential factor in choosing for a mattress. The higher the count becomes, the better the quality of your mattress. A standard mattress should have about a count of 300. A queen size should have 375 coil count. And, a king size mattress should have 450 coil count.


Choose a mattress that is neither too soft nor too firm. A very firm one isn’t very good for you since it might cause your spine to bend forcefully.

Side support

The edges of a mattress is as important as the middle portion. Check whether the sides can provide you with maximum support too.


Ticking, which is the fabric used to upholster and cover your mattress, should be made of damask. And, not of polyester or vinyl since any of these materials can make you feel really uncomfortable during a warm weather.


It pays to choose the leading brands when purchasing a mattress. It may be a little expensive compared to other brands, but, it’s worth your money anyway. Oftentimes, a manufacturer of cheap mattresses would cut corners in making them so as to offer attractive low prices.

There are several types of mattresses to choose from, yet, many would go for a futon mattress particularly a western futon. This is because it is inexpensive. And, this type of mattress is relatively firm making it a good choice to sleep on.

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