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3 Smart Ways to Keep Your Cat from the Lounge Chair

Found this funny my cat didn't though ha ha... but if you wanna keep your cat off the furniture then this info is for you

There are smart ways to keep your cat from sleeping on the lounge chair: spray water onto your cat’s face; make some noises when he approaches the couch; do not bribe your cat with sweets; and put something on your couch that would make noise each time your cat tries to rest on it.

Cats sleep up to 16 hours a day, which consist of wake periods between hours. This is because their brains remain active and alert for any danger even while they sleep. Their eyesight works best in low light because a special membrane located at the back of their eyes, called tapetum, acts as a mirror that reflects light.

Cats like elevated areas, where they can keep an eye on their prey, or in areas they consider as their territory. Because lounge chairs usually offer these comforts and rewards for your cat, he marks these as his territory by either rubbing them with his head, paws, or even by urinating on them. To make your cat understand that your lounge is not his territory, try some of the following tips:

Spray water onto your cat’s face

Upon your cat’s first move to approach the couch, spray water onto his face. Do not do this once he gets on the couch, because he might wonder why you did that. Consistency in doing this is very important (A cat’s average IQ is lower than that of a monkey or a chimpanzee— being consistent will make your cat learn the purpose why he is being sprayed on each time he jumps on the couch.).

Make some noises when it approaches the couch

In place of a water spray, try making some noise by shaking a water bottle with coins inside, or turn on the vacuum cleaner, hiss, or make any sound that would frighten your cat each time he attempts to get on your couch. In psychology, this technique is called operant conditioning, where positive or negative reinforcers increase or decrease the occurrence of a behavior you want an animal or individual to adopt or eliminate.

Do not bribe your cat with sweets

Cats do not have taste buds for sweet foods because they are naturally meat-eaters. They cannot even distinguish water from juice.

Put something on your couch that would make noise each time your cat tries to rest on it

A sheet of plastic or foil will do. Doing these tips will surely end your fuss over your feline’s forty winks on your lounge chair. Yes, you are the boss. You reign.

Cats are adorable even then. So, it’s helpful to find ways of keeping them off your favorite sofas and lounge chairs without getting rid of them completely.

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