Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Budget Gadget Review

I received the other day a really nice Bluetooth Scroll Wheel Optical Mouse Mice CH-03 for Laptop/PC from Budget Gadget to review. I was so psyched about reviewing this to replace my corded mouse and was smaller than my cordless mouse I already had. I had once used a blue tooth mouse before on a laptop but this was first time I was to try one on a desktop with a external blue tooth system instead internal. The blue tooth external I have I used to use for my cell phones as well... Well it took me a couple days because the instructions that came with were ok but not as clear as they could have been. So my husband had to end up connecting it, he did it on the first try who knows maybe I was just doin it wrong. Anyways its probably better for someone with short fingers or smaller hands because its very hard for me to use comfortably where I have real long fingers and bigger hands, my hand looked uncomfortable on it and it was. It seems to be greatly made and customer service has been really nice to me just a few minor things as mention. Also one more thing I'm thinkin its where I'm using an external blue tooth but it lags here and there in the middle of doing somethin on the computer so it does get frustrating, I would definalty say works better on a computer with built in blue tooth. This product and company get a 4 star out of me anyways out of 5. The prices are great as well like the mouse I got for one is only $14.56 yet you can also buy in bulk from this site as well. They have alot of nice things on there site as well for cheap price like portable dvd players, mp3 and mp4 players, digital frames, phones..and the list goes on check them out for yourself.

and here is a quick video I took you can see how much bigger my hand is really and when looking at the screen watch the pointer sometimes it lags for a sec so you see what I mean.

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Other ways to follow this company and keep up with there site....

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