Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WildFires, Smokey Weather, & Thuderstorms In My Area

Today has been someday alright... got up to a bit of cloudiness outside but I just figured someone was burning off a field. My FedEx man came by today and told me the smoke which by 5pm had got alot worse that it was due to a wildfire down in pender county. Now pender county is probably about a hr from me I'd say yet its gettin thicker outside as the night sets in. We are even talkin bout possible chances of hail late in the night at least its possible but maybe just thunderstorms... gotta love mother nature. The smoke was started by several streaks of lightning late sunday night and just caught on the woods like paper cause we are so dry sue to the drought we are already in.

Here is their picture of the fires and such I wrote in where I live which is warsaw but its in duplin county....

Now the fires started in pender county so I wanted to show ya'll where that is to me actually one county over

here is pics I took at 5pm here outside my house of the smoke

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Shannon said...

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Alicia C. said...

Wow... I hope it stays clear of you! And, if they get close, I hope there's some way to get alerted early. Hearing the news from the FedEx guy isn't the best way to find out!

I remember when I lived in L.A. about 10 years ago and the wildfires were really bad. The entire San Fernando Valley looked like that. It was really creepy to see an entire city cloaked in smoke. Smelled like camping!