Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Scrubs, Uniforms, A Nurses Dream

I have always been around medical people as long as I can remember. Most of the people in my family are medical of some sort or have been before. My mom was a CNA but in school to be a RN and then my dad was a orderly, and my husband was not only a paramedic but went to school and became a CNA as well, plus thinking about going to school to be a ERT. So as you can see a lot of need for Nursing Scrubs and even a Branded Medical Uniform around the home. I was so happy to let my husband know about a site called Nursing Uniforms because they have a lot of different uniforms and scrubs at great prices. My husband and my mom both still wear scrubs even though their not working as nurses anymore cause they say they are the most comfortable clothes. My husband bought some scrubs when he went to school a couple years ago and they were no where as greatly priced as this site. My husband even got a White Medical Lab coat and then after finding better prices at Nursing Uniforms he plans to buy from them in the future. I just wish we had've known about this site sooner.

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