Friday, June 10, 2011

The Royal Wedding - William & Catherine Review

I received the The Royal Wedding - William & Catherine from BBC Video to review. I really did want to see this the day it came on tv but sadly due to time difference I wasn't up in time to see it. I wasn't old enough to watch Princess Diana get married so I guess I feel this was my chance to see any of the royal family get married. I think its a great generation thing I guess and since I have always been fascinated with England then I thought it would be something to tell my kids or grand kids one day. Me and Joe sat down and watched this and the church and everything was absolutely beautiful, really wish I could've been there but guess I had the best view. I did expect Catherine to have a more lavish gown and not so every day peopleish but it was still lovely especially on her. She wore the crown beautifully and I'm sure the time she is Queen of England one day the people will rejoice because I truly think she has the kind heart Diana did. I didn't know til watching this video that Catherine was a commoner, just a every day person like you and me. I mean sure every girl dreams of growin up to be a princess but she actually got to at least marry a prince literally. I love in this video it also gives you a sense on how they met and fell in love, she really got to see him as a regular person for her to fall in love with him and not his title. This is a fairy tale romance that ends beautifully and I recommend people getting this dvd for their collection and show your kids, and then your grand kids and so on. This is a treasured dvd that I will hold on to forever I just enjoyed it so much.

BBC Video has made available this beautiful, commemorative DVD of the event it went on sale on May 24th! This wonderful keepsake will capture all of the pomp and pageantry of the historic occasion like no other memento. The DVD will include the complete ceremony plus highlights from the official BBC pre- and post-wedding coverage. Also included is the special bonus program, “William and Kate: A Royal Engagement,” presenting the story of William and Kate’s relationship via interviews with colleagues, friends and family. Lovers of the crown will want to own this special, commemorative DVD of this most delightful of events, the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton

First Public Kiss Video Clip

Thanks to BBC Video I received this dvd for review purposes only and no form of payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed upon by all.

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