Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Extra Entries Worth 10

Giving everyone a head start I will be adding a new way to enter into my giveaways. This is worth 10 entries and will only be able to do one per giveaway. What I mean by this is you can only count the 10 extra entries per giveaway so don't say you signed up on both and then leave 20 entries just 10 and then go to another giveaway and mention the other one its that simple or you can just site up for one of them and say it on each one you enter. I wanted to do this because I have people who have told me they don't have a blog or they don't have facebook or twitter and they wanted another option to enter and I'm fine with that I want to give everyone a chance to win. So I figured what better way to help ya'll and help me at the same time. Both these sites are needed referrals on now granted it would help me more if ya'll did something but thats not an actual requirement but you do have to validate yourself cause I can tell if your not.

All you would do is click one of the sites or both signup and verify it and then come back and comment that you did on which site and whether its points2shop you need username or on cashle you need the member # which is your referral number and of course the email and name in the posts like before. So if your not a member of these sites there is a easy 10 entries for you. Now I do want to tell ya'll if you sign up and you choose to continue using them on cash Crate the first cash out is a $10.00 check and its not too hard to get at all so thats a good way to make a pretty easy $10 As for points2shop you get 250 points for signing up which is equivilant to $2.50 and your points you can buy stuff on amazon with. Both of these sites you do free offers for money and small surveys and Points2shop you also watch small ads... so think about stayin a member once you are one.

If you want go ahead and signup because all my upcoming giveaways will have this included so why not stay a step of the game.

Cash Crate

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