Thursday, June 16, 2011

Digital Scrapbooks Easy or Hard?

I've gotten the chance in the last month for the first times to to make my own digital scrapbook several times this year. I will admit I thought at first it was as simple as putting my pics in a album like I would at home and add cute cutouts for my scrapbook and all but it is so different in a lot of ways. For one even if I have paper and pics strewn all over my room it still isn't as frustrating as some of the sites I have tried to make them with. Take for instance one site I made one with had such cute cutouts to put in my book but after struggling so hard to get my pics the right size cause the site said they were too small or too big or not enough pixels by then end of it I really didn't care what was in the book or on it either.

In the long run I really do believe a digital scrapbook is better because of not worrying about losing the pics and stuff in the book because its all made into it. I just hate it always takes me like 2 hours just to do like 25 pages that is crazy when I can do a book of 100 at home in about 2 hours instead. They are better keepsakes by far and in the end I do believe they are worth it I just want to let ya'll know that they aren't the easiest thing so best be ready to fight with it for a bit to get it the way you want. the only time its easy as cake is if you let the site put the pics and graphics where it wants and not you yourself do it.

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