Monday, June 13, 2011

Born Pretty Blue Edge Cutter NaiL Art Manicure Clipper Review

I received the Blue Edge Cutter NaiL Art Manicure Clipper Acrylic UV Gel False from Born Pretty to review. They make alot of great nail art among other great things. I have been wanting a pair of clippers for awhile cause I love alot of different kind of nails I see yet their way too long for me and cutting with scissors has always turned out really bad for me cause of the ragged edges they leave. I got to try these out and I love the color first off more than anything. I love the comfort feel they give when holding them and they have just the perfect shape to cut nails perfectly. Now granted after cutting the nails to the right size you still need to buffer the edges but they aren't uneven like with the scissors. They cut through the nails so easily cause they are perfectly sharp as well. They have a guard on them to prevent from cutting yourself which is great if you have kids in the house, not too mention the whole it only big enough for the nail to slide in to cut them. These are so nice to use and don't take hardly any effort to use I recommend them to anyone who uses fake nails alot. Born Pretty has these at such a great price and they also sale alot of different things at great prices like nail art, makeup accessories and other nail stuff as well. So if you haven't checked them out yet go on over now and see what they got.

Blue Edge Cutter NaiL Art Manicure Clipper Acrylic UV Gel False - $3.83

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