Monday, June 13, 2011

Born Pretty 70pcs Green Tiger Grain French Manicure Fashion False Nail Tips Review

I received the 70pcs. Green Tiger Grain French Manicure Fashion False Nail Tips from Born Pretty to review. They make alot of great nail art among other great things. I loved looking around on the site but the moment I saw these I knew I had to have them they are just so fashionable and I love tiger print just don't see it much, not too mention my favorite color is green. I got these and I love the little case thing it comes in, it keeps them where I can get to them easily without them strode all over the place. I thought they were full nails that's just how good I read at first I guess but I was still happy they were tips just as well so I put them on I just hated I didn't have any fingernail polish to match them but they actually looked pretty cool with just my plain nails color with them. They were way too long for me when I got them so I had to cut them down to a more comfortable level to wear. These stayed on pretty well and I got plenty compliments about them. I just love the variety of nails like this that they carry with such great prices that won't break anyone's pocket. These are tough nails that don't break easily at all, not too mention they sell other beauty products and nail art on their site for great low prices so check them out. I totally recommend them and think I will be sticking with this company for my beauty needs.

70pcs Green Tiger Grain French Manicure Fashion False Nail Tips - $5.45

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I received the nail tips shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only and may not be agreed upon by others. Facebook is not a sponsor nor do they have anything to do with this review.

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Smash Bravo Team said...

Those are cute...they are for acrylic right? My daughter does her own acrylic nails and would love these tips.