Sunday, June 19, 2011

Am I Really Hungry Book Review

I received the book Am I Really Hungry from Jane Bernard and her website IntuEating to review. I have never been a big reader of books like this but I figured it couldn't hurt to try to learn things that makes people hungry I guess so to say. This book has alot of helpful tips not sure if they are really for me so to say I have always had a eating disorder and its so hard to surpass that. I know alot of my overeating is due to anxieties and stress in my life key reason I smoke so I eat less. It has some interesting recipes in the book to learn from as well. Also it touches base on foods to stay away from not sure I agree because some are vegetables and I was always taught they were good for you more than bad. It tell you the difference between mental eating and actually being hungry. Wasn't sure I fully understood this though cause someone who is hungry may normally have a headache, feel weak and fatigue and it says in the books these are just mental indications so not sure if she is meaning that they aren't real that your not hungry or not but that could be serious cause you could pass out easily from these signs. You also have to keep a certain amount of sugars in your body and it says to cut back on them I myself have problems with sugar dropping when I don't have sugar in take key reason I drink soda everyday my sugar stays where it needs to and I have no black out spells. I think intentionally the book is wrote well but maybe enjoyed by others more than myself. Make sure to check out Am I Really Hungry at IntuEating the website and find out if it fits your lifestyle more.

Am I Really Hungry?: 6th Sense Diet:Intuitive Eating - $15.97

I received no form of payment for this except one copy of the book. This is my opinion and may not be agreed upon by others.

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