Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunny Seat Review

I received the Sunny Seat to review. I decided to give this to my cat for her birthday which is in a couple weeks this month and she was so excited when I got this in the mail. Libby is a little diva and always likes gettin new things just like a kid I suppose. It came fully together I just had to put the suction cups on so setup was a breeze. It was alot longer than I thought it was so it wouldn't fit my windows in my home and wouldn't fit my front screen door so I checked the back one. Thankfully it fit my back door or I would've had a mad cat. Anyways I put it on the window as it said and it was really secure at least I thought my cat fell 3 times before we decided to wash the suction cups of and dry them since they had been in the box for a bit and all. Well I can tell you when you get this that is what I can say to do because it made a difference I guess maybe where it might have had the smallest amount of dust on it we also cleaned our glass door to make sure their was no film at all. After that it was a breeze granted with ours on a door it goes up in the morning and we take it down later in the day when we need to go out the door cause with this up you can't open the door so know this ahead of time if your goin to put it on a door. She lays in it everyday and really enjoys looking outside but yet hates bein out their but with this great invention she can enjoy it without havin to deal with it first hand. It was originally made for cats to lay in the sun but my cats not normal not only is Libby a vegetarian and a diva but she used the Sunny Seat only on cloudy days and when the sun wasn't comin in the window cause as soon as it did she would It still comes loose on one corner or another when she scratches or moves around too much which I hate but it may very well be because she don't know how to be still. It hasn't fell since that first day though and I'm glad of that cause I don't want my baby gettin hurt. I still recommend this and it might work better if you have a big glass window.

sorry my pics are a little dark not sure why I couldn't get the pic to light up with my flash it wouldn't turn on... but I think they came out descent anyways you can tell my cats dark anyways and the video below is of it as well I think it showed up a little better.

Sunny Seat - $19.99

I received nothing but the sunny seat and no other form of payment. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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