Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Favorite 5 Cute Tops

Who doesn't need a new outfit right? Not too mention you ladies we all need to get ready for the summer. I'm a major shopaholic I just wish I had the money to keep up with my want to be spending habit. Although this isn't a review I have had the pleasure of actually trying Downeast Basics clothes well at least one dress.

If you want affordable style without breaking the bank they are your one stop place. They have some of the cutest modest dresses that I plan on buying for several people this year including some stuff for me. I love the style the price not too mention they are fast at getting stuff out to you. If you have never been to their site you should check them out they have a lot of very nice things from modest clothing to accessories the list goes on what your style is.

I don't think any summer is complete with out at least one item from Downeast Basics being on you. I know my second mom that I got a dress for last time still has hers after almost a year and its still in great shape and lasts awhile so head on over you don't know what your missing out. I wanted to show some of my favorite cute tops on their site What is your top choices? What is something you can't live without for the summer?

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