Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creating Better Beach Photos

# The bright sun reflecting off of the sand and water can fool your camera’s light metering system into thinking your subject is too bright, which will unfortunately result in an underexposed image. In order to ensure that your photos are properly exposed when shooting at the beach, take a look at your digital camera to see if it offers a beach scene mode.

* This specific scene mode will automatically program your digital camera to take the best photo possible in the bright and reflective environment. When set to the beach scene mode, your camera will know that it’s taking a photo in a bright environment and will properly expose the scene, or more importantly, your subject.

# It may seem a bit silly, but taking beach photos is also an opportunity to make use of your camera’s flash. While you may not think about using a flash on a bright, sunny day, it’s actually one of the easiest things you can do to help make your photos pop, especially if you’re taking photos of your children! Very sunny conditions can often cause unwanted shadows to appear on your subjects’ faces. By simply turning on and using your camera’s flash, you can make sure that shadows won’t be an issue and that you’re able capture that perfect smile for everyone to see.

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