Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camping Equipent in One Place

Have you ever noticed the camping materials are always in the back of department stores, never really understood that much. I mean you would think especially during the summer time more people go camping whether in an RV or even just out in the wilderness yet they never seem to be on sale either. I think if you could go to more department stores and find anything for camping marked down in the winter or something or at least put at the front of the store during the summer the stores would make more money selling the camping equipment and the buyers would get better deals as well. I hate to get everything you might need you can't go to department stores you have to find specialty stores for camping equipment and I don't know about everyone else but if I can buy everything I need in one place I would rather do that than go to like 15 stores just to get everything needed, I mean you spend too much gas doing that and with the prices and the economy the way they are right now who could afford too. That's why I love you can now buy any camping equipment online and have it shipped to your house without spending time or gas to go to several stores all over the place. Online is where more deals are now and you get more detailed description because the sites give a run down better than going to the store and getting someone who doesn't know anything about camping equipment to tell you the wrong thing or go duh cause they don't know anything there just there for the pay check. I think the whole idea I'm sold on now that's why I do a lot of my shopping from home now not just with camping equipment but a lot of things for my home as well.

I am compensated with money for this sponsored post. This is 100% my life experience though.

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